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Meet Brigitte Lynn


I'm Brigitte Lynn, designer and creator of Brigitte Lynn Art, formerly Lynnhaven Designs. For almost six years, I've been studying handlettering and illustration, and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you.  Please feel free to browse the site - I'm sure if you're interested in art, you'll find something here you can relate to.


If you're just starting out, keep in mind how ordinary I am.  I'm a wife to a wonderful man, and a working stay-at-home mother of three wonderful children.  I had many hobbies (and still do) before falling in love with hand-lettering and illustration.  I picked up some pens and got to work, learning and practicing.  The cliche "if I can do it, so can you" holds up.  My only natural talent I suppose is that I'm not afraid to learn new things, even when they seem difficult.  You certainly can too!

In addition to my Instagram page and my shop, which are both filled with my personal works (prints, procreate lettering brushes, and more), I hope this site becomes a significant resource for you if you're learning about art and hand-lettering yourself!  When learning a new skill, I often find the most helpful knowledge comes from those who are also still in the thick of it, studying and learning.  I hope my journey through art and lettering will inspire and motivate you!  

Thank you for visiting!

Collaborations &

I am often asked to promote products on my social media account(s).  I am strict when promoting products; I do not promote anything I don't personally love or find a productive use for.  I evaluate with honesty.  In an effort to be fully transparent with my audience, it's my intention to always disclose my collaborative brand relationships.  To the right you can read the details about the nature of my relationship and projects with these brands.

You may wonder why I do not use products from all of the brands on a continuous basis.  Simply put, I cannot use them all, all of the time.   I will always prioritize collaborations that are on-going, as this is beneficial for not only the brand, but for me as well.  


I have collaborated with the Arteza art supply brand on occasion.  When collaborating, I am usually allowed to pick which products to promote, which I appreciate since I never want to promote anything to my audience that I do not personally love or find a productive use for.  Their products are always top notch in my experience and I have used them many times on art projects where I was not compensated.  Our collaborations are infrequent and I have received monetary compensation from them on specific projects.  I am also allowed minimal compensation by commission on products I choose to promote outside specific projects.

Pilot Pens

I have collaborated with Pilot Pens on a couple of occasions to promote their watercolor line pens.  These were excellent pens with great saturation and I have used these pens in additional pieces where I was not compensated.  My relationship with them is infrequent and I was compensated monetarily for specific projects.


I collaborated with Michaels brand for a large social media influencer campaign in the Fall of 2021, where I was not asked to promote any products, but was hired to create artwork and curate a package containing a variety of art products to be sent to other influencers.  It was a joy and privilege to work with Michaels.  They are a wonderful brand and treated me well!  As a hired artist, I was compensated for my work.  


Skillshare is a website with a mission to bring creativity to everyone.  They host classes and tutorials made by influencers and mentors who want to teach creative skills.  While I do not currently produce any classes of my own, this initiative is something I fully support.  Because of this, I do help SkillShare promote their website and products, for which I receive minimal monetary compensation on a commission basis.


Stickermule is an online sticker and novelty item production company, used by many artists.  Their quality is excellent.  They are one of the few brands with whom I've traded influencer promotion for product production value.  I have never been paid by Stickermule, but I enjoyed working with them, and fully recommend and support their brand and products.


Marvy Uchida

Artistro Art Supplies

Cedar Markers (Cedar Group)

Panda Colors

Karin Markers

One of the major highlights of being an artist on Instagram has been working with Karin Markers.  They are a true art brand determined to make high quality pens.  You'll find an extraordinary number of posts on my Instagram feed using their products.  I am happy to use and promote their products to such a degree because I genuinely love their pens and they are wonderful to work with!  The wide variety of uses with their pens never ceases to surprise me.   My collaboration with them is on-going and I receive monetary compensation. 

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